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Moisture Absorber

Moisture Absorber Prevents condensation and odours.

Product name Moisture Absorber
Article code NT4V001
Technical information Calcium Chloride
Statistics number -
Languages NL/FR/D/GB
EAN product code 8718868061324
Product contents 1 vochtvanger + 1 navulling 400 g
Product size (D x W x H) 15 x 15 x 14cm
Product weight 415 gr
Box contents 12
EAN code outer-box -
Box size 44x30x26cm
Box weight 5.180 gr
Pallet content 432 pcs
Boxes per layer on a euro pallet
Number of layers per euro pallet
Pallet height 180 cm
Lorry content 14.256 pcs
Container content 20 Ft. -
Container content 40 Ft. -
Leadtime/days 60
Country of origin EU


MSDS-Luftentfeuchter 400 gr DE
MSDS-Moisture absorber400 gr-EN
MSDS- Vochtvanger 400 gr - NL
MSDS-Absorbeur D"humidité-FR