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Saubermax Mehrweg-Entfeuchter

Saubermax Mehrweg-Entfeuchter Für Haus und Fahrzeug-tropft nicht.

Product name Saubermax Mehrweg-Entfeuchter
Article code NO4V105
Technical information 100% Silica Gel
Statistics number -
Languages DE
EAN product code 25428605
Product contents 1 Beutel á 400 gr
Product size (D x W x H) 8,5 x,4,5 x 15 cm
Product weight 440 gr
Box contents 24 pcs
EAN code outer-box -
Box size 15x15x14cm
Box weight 10.56 k gr
Pallet content 1.344 pcs
Boxes per layer on a euro pallet
Number of layers per euro pallet
Pallet height 161 cm
Lorry content 43.008 pcs
Container content 20 Ft. 27.360 pcs
Container content 40 Ft. 54.720 pcs
Leadtime/days 120
Country of origin EU


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