Lafita - Humidity & Icecare

Lafita Moisture Absorber 450 g

Lafita Moisture Absorber 450 g Prevents condensation, odours and mildew

Product name Lafita Moisture Absorber 450 g
Article code LF4V001
Technical information Calcium chloride
Statistics number 28272000
Languages EN/DE/NL/FR/IT/PL/ES
EAN product code 8718868061003
Product contents 450 g
Product size (D x W x H) 15 x 15 x 14 cm
Product weight 465 g
EAN colli code 8718868061003
Box contents 12 pcs
EAN code outer-box -
Box size 44 x 30 x 26 cm
Box weight 5.780 g
Pallet content 432 pcs
Pallet height 175 cm
Lorry content 14.256 pcs
Container content 20 Ft. -
Container content 40 Ft. -
Leadtime/days 60
Country of origin EU


MSDS Lafita Humid Absorber (EN)
MSDS Lafita Luftentfeuchter (DE)
MSDS Lafita vochtvanger (NL)
MSDS Lafita Absorbeur d'humidité (FR)
MSDS Lafita Pochlaniacz wilgoci (PL)
MSDS Lafita Absorbe Humedad (ES)